Reach Your True Potential With Strength Training

When it comes to building raw power and strength nothing can beat strength training. Strength training as opposed to bodybuilding has a different purpose. Many people tend to confuse the two as being one in the same, but in actuality they both have completely different functions. People who specifically focus on building strength do not normally care about the way they look.

Likewise, someone who builds muscle to look good does not care too much about pressing 500lbs over their head or being able to lift the back end of a truck. While many bodybuilders may look big and muscular, chances are that they cannot do many feats that powerlifters, strongman competitors, or Olympic weightlifters could do. They are simply not trained to do that.

Not to take away from bodybuilders however. They are strong in their own right. But at the end of the day, it’s all about getting a good amount of size and proportion to win at competitions; a glorified male version of a beauty pageant so to speak.

Get Superhuman Strength

dense muscleThere are so many advantages to being strong! Many athletes focus on strength training in particular because it has been proven time and time again that it improves athletic performance. Get that extra burst of speed, generate more explosive power, or hit your competition harder, it is possible to reach the realm of near superhuman ability.

We are talking about the pinnacle of human capability, not simply making your muscles bigger! Having a great physique is one thing, but feeling powerful is another! However it doesn’t mean that you cannot have beastly power, and look good at the same time.

One thing about strength building is the fact your muscles look much denser whereas many bodybuilders tend to look more swollen and puffy. When you compare the two, the muscles of a strength builder look strong and functional while the other is built for show.

Sure, not everybody is going to want to be at the level of a strongman competitor, but everyone regardless of age or gender should always strive to be the strongest version of themselves.